Past Event

Misinformation, Media Manipulation, and Antisemitism

February 5, 2020
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Watch video below.  

Welcoming remarks:
Barbara Faedda
Executive Director, Italian Academy, Columbia 

Ioana Literat
Assistant Professor of Communication, Media and Learning Technologies Design, Teachers College, Columbia University
“Youth political expression in online spaces” 

Rachel Deblinger (via Skype)
Director of the Modern Endangered Archives Program at the UCLA Library;
Co-Director of the Digital Jewish Studies Initiative at UC Santa Cruz
“Remix, remember, retweet: meditations on Holocaust memory, social media, and antisemitism online”   

Irene V. Pasquetto
Chief Editor, “HKS Misinformation Review,” Harvard Kennedy School
Costanza Sciubba Caniglia
Managing Editor, “HKS Misinformation Review,” Harvard Kennedy School
“De-platforming Neo-Nazis in Italy: impacts and unexpected consequences”   

Alex Abdo
Litigation Director, Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University
“Free speech in black boxes”   

Europe and the United Nations commemorate the victims of the Shoah each winter on the date of Auschwitz's liberation in 1945, and the Italian Academy marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with an annual academic event exploring issues of discrimination and crimes against humanity. Throughout the years, the Academy has broadened its focus to explore groups that were targeted in the racism and xenophobia of the Nazi and Fascist regimes, and that suffered and died along with the millions of Jews.

Last year, the Academy's Holocaust Remembrance topic was “Antisemitism, Hate Speech, and Social Media.” Although we don’t usually repeat a theme, we are very concerned by what’s happening now, especially antisemitism, historical negationism, and online extremism; misinformation; and the manipulation of social media to pursue neo-Nazi and neo-Fascist ideas. Thus we are expanding this crucial discussion, this year, by presenting leaders on these issues.

Remembrance Initiatives at the Academy since 2008