Projects & Initiatives

Projects & Initiatives

benin bronze head
International Observatory for Cultural Heritage

The conservation, protection, and preservation of heritage and the contemporary destruction of art and architecture are the focus of this initiative's exhibitions, conferences, and Fellowships.

statue from Monte Prama
Sardinia Cultural Heritage Project

With a book from Columbia U. Press, a gallery exhibition and an online exhibition, and a series of conferences. the project highlights this island's importance in Mediterranean culture.   

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Weinberg Fellowships in Architectural History and Preservation

With a book of essays on sites across the globe and as many as four Fellows each year, the Weinberg Fellowships are a response to today's grave threats to our shared global heritage.

Women Leaders Now—Annual Events for Women's History Month and International Women's Day

The Italian Academy marks International Women's Day each March 8—and Women's History Month throughout March—with interviews on the pressing issues of our time. 

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Nomis Project on Migrations and Mobility

Titled On the Move: Prehistoric Mobility and the Spread of Agriculture in Eurasia and funded by NOMIS, a private Swiss foundation, this initiative engages evolutionary anthropology, genetics, archaeology, and more to address a fundamental demographic and cultural change in human evolutionary history: the transition from foraging to farming.

Art, Humanities, and Neuroscience Project

Since 2001, the Academy has developed public events designed to spread word of scientific advances and to bring together researchers in the sciences and the humanities, and has brought in Fellows doing ongoing studies.

Contemporary Auschwitz
Holocaust Remembrance

The Italian Academy marks Holocaust Remembrance Day with an annual academic event exploring issues of discrimination and crimes against humanity. Over the years, the Academy has broadened its focus to explore groups that were targeted in the racism and xenophobia of the Nazi and Fascist regimes, and that suffered and died along with the millions of Jews.

Columbia building
Law and its Manifestations

The Academy supports research and seminars to look at law and its images, and at the relationship between law and nature in theory, philosophy, history, and religious thought. 

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Digital Serlio Project

Based at Columbia’s Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, an international team of scholars, students and staff conducts textual and visual analysis and has digitized Sebastiano Serlio’s unpublished manuscript, On Domestic Architecture, as well as published works. Funding for research and scholarship is provided by the Sidney J. Weinberg, Jr. Foundation and by the Samuel Freeman Charitable Trust.

clock tower surrounded by earthquake rubble
Amatrice in Focus: Earthquakes and Photography—Recording the Past, Planning the Future

A digital exhibition on the earthquake-damaged town of Amatrice and the fate of its cultural heritage. Developed by former Fellow Francesco Gangemi, together with Rossana Torlontano and Valentina Valerio, in collaboration with the Bibliotheca Hertziana – Max-Planck-Institut für Kunstgeschichte, and with the Soprintendenza archeologia del Lazio as an official partner.

Screen grab of the Tharros digital exhibition
Digital Exhibitions
Digital Exhibitions

The Academy's galleries showcase the research and the presentations in archeology, art, and architecture developed within the International Observatory for Cultural Heritage.