Publication Round-Up

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David Freedberg
University of Chicago Press, 2021

A Lost Mediterranean Culture: The Giant Statues of Sardinia's Mont'e Prama
Barbara Faedda and Paolo Carta, eds., Columbia University Press, 2023
Essays by Paolo Carta, Raimondo Zucca, Emerenziana Usai, Guido Clemente, Marco Maiuro, Peter van Dommelen and Alfonso Stiglitz, Roberto Nardi, and Giuditta Giardini

A Shared Global Heritage: Architectural History, Conservation, and Preservation 
Barbara Faedda, ed., Italian Academy Publications, 2023
Essays by Weinberg Foundation Fellows: Sahar Al-Qaisi, Pınar Aykaç, Sheila Crane, Gianmarco de Felice, Francesco Marcorin, Cristina Ruggero (Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Alen Žunić