The Italian Academy's digital exhibitions showcase the research and the presentations in archeology, art, and architecture developed within the International Observatory for Cultural Heritage.

The latest exhibitions—on the Tharros and the Mont'e Prama sites in Sardinia—are part of the Academy's Sardinia Cultural Heritage Project. Sponsorship for these Sardinian projects, and the support from various donor institutions, is detailed in each of the exhibitions listed below.   

What's New

Latest Sardinia digital exhibition launched

Our most recent presentation on Sardinia reveals the riches of the archaeological site of Tharros. It has fresh photography of the site’s buildings and roads from the Bronze Age, the Punic phase, Ancient Roman times, and the Christian era. These aerial photographs and landscape views are complemented by a focus on objects that were found in Tharros and now are held in museums in Sardinia and abroad.

Galleries exploring Italy and Italian topics

Columbia's Avery Library has unparalleled holdings of 16th-century Italian architect and theoretician, Sebastiano Serlio; the new research on that can be seen here. You can tour the digital exhibition on the earthquake-hit town of Amatrice. And you can learn about the archaeological discoveries at Mont'e Prama and Tharros, as part of the Academy's Sardinia Cultural Heritage Project.