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Living in a Quantum World

April 18, 2024
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Teatro, Italian Academy (1161 Amsterdam Ave, NYC 10027)

Quantum technologies, rooted in the principles of quantum mechanics, have the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, offering groundbreaking advances in computing, communication, and sensing. This roundtable event addresses the evolving quantum landscape that represents a paradigm shift, unlocking new frontiers in scientific discovery and practical applications.

David Albert, Columbia
Katiuscia Cassemiro, PRX Quantum
Anna Grassellino, Fermilab
Philip Kim, Harvard
Robert Konik, Brookhaven

Robert Henderson, The Wall Street Journal

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The public roundtable is complemented by daytime workshops on April 18 and April 19, in a series called “Quantum Science & Technology: Where We Are, Where We Are Headed." See below for the invited speakers and themes in the workshops.

Organized by the Physics Department of the University of Trieste on the occasion of the centennial of the university's foundation; by professors Angelo Bassi • Fabio Benatti • Alberto Morgante (Former Fellow and current member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Academy, Columbia University) • Francesco Scazza • Andrea Trombettoni

Università degli studi di Trieste

The timing of the daytime sessions on April 18 and April 19, along with instructions on how to register, will be announced soon.

Quantum technologies have emerged as groundbreaking tools with the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. Harnessing the principles of quantum mechanics, these technologies enable unprecedented advancements in computing, communication, sensing and materials. Quantum computers, for instance, hold the promise of solving complex problems at speeds unattainable by classical counterparts, revolutionizing fields like cryptography and optimization. Quantum communication ensures secure and unhackable transmission of information, transforming the landscape of data security. Quantum sensing facilitates ultra-precise measurements, with applications in fields such as medicine and environmental monitoring. New materials can potentially impact virtually any field of technology.  
The evolving landscape of quantum technologies presents a paradigm shift, unlocking new frontiers in scientific discovery and practical applications. The workshop will present the state of the art, as well as the future directions of research, in quantum science and technologies. 
Co-sponsor for the Workshops: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)

Thematic sessions and invited speakers:

1. Fundamentals:

  • Mauro Paternostro – University of Palermo
  • Ugo Marzolino – University of Trieste
  • Dries Sels – NYU

2. Atoms & Molecules:

  • Ana Asenjo-Garcia – Columbia
  • Sebastian Will – Columbia
  • Marcello Dalmonte – The Abdus Salam ICTP

3. Materials & Nanoscience:

  • Colin P. Nuckolls – Columbia
  • Latha Venkataraman – Columbia
  • Martina dell’Angela – CNR-IOM

4. Optics & Photonics:

  • Dominik Schneble – Stony Brook
  • Emily J. Davis – Harvard / NYU
  • Alessandro Zavatta – CNR-INO Trieste & QTI

5. Computing & Simulation:

  • Jeffrey Thompson – Princeton University
  • Andrew J. Millis – Columbia
  • Giuseppe Santoro – SISSA
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