Tanja Michalsky

Heinrich Heine Universität Dusseldorf

Topology of social memory. Tomb Chapels of the Neapolitan nobility in early modern times


Tanja Michalsky, Ph.D. (University of Munich 1995) recently finished a study on "Projection and imagination. Conceptions of Netherlandish landscape in the dialogue between geography and painting" (supported by a scholarship from the Lise-Meitner-Programm). She has been Research Fellow in the Faculty of Art History at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University of Frankfurt/Main (1995-2000). Her main research interests are the relationship between (political and artistic) representation and the social network of memory, Italian late-medieval sculpture, Netherlandish painting (16th and 17th century) and the process of collective imagination in different visual media. Tanja is author of Memoria und Repräsentation. Die Grabmäler des Königshauses Anjou in Italien (2000) and the editor of Medien der Macht. Kunst zur Zeit der Anjous in Italien (2001). Most of her articles in the field of tomb sculpture deal with methodological questions concerning form, function and competition. Her papers on Netherlandish landscape painting focus on the ideological and epistemological background of its modes of visualization. She has also published articles on film and contemporary art.