Salvatore Maria Aglioti

Sapienza Università di Roma

Expertise, contextual manipulation, and social manipulation: art and conformism

2017-2018: Spring

Salvatore Maria Aglioti, MD (University of Pisa), trained as behavioral neurologist (Verona University), is now professor of Social and Organizational Neuroscience at Sapienza University of Rome. He is the head of the laboratories of Cognitive and Social Neuroscience at Sapienza and at Fondazione Santa Lucia, IRCCS, Rome. He is the director of the doctoral school of Psychology and coordinates the International PhD Program in Psychology and Social Neuroscience. His research interests revolve around a variety of social neuroscience topics ranging from embodied empathy for pain and existential neuroscience to deception and dishonesty in social and organizational contexts and to the neural underpinnings of social group coding driven by race as well as by political and religious affiliation. He is heavily involved in dissemination of neuroscience (see for example the scientific essay, Neurofobia: Chi ha paura del cervello?, Aglioti SM, Berlucchi G, Cortina 2013, English version expected in 2018, Oxford University Press).

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