Pierre Losson

The Graduate Center, CUNY (U.S.A.)

Claims for the return of cultural heritage objects: Latin America

2020-2021: Fall

Pierre Losson graduated in international relations from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Strasbourg (France). He holds an MA in Arts Administration from the University of Lyon (France), an MA in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University, and a PhD in political science from The Graduate Center, CUNY. He held several positions in French cultural centers in Mexico City (Mexico) and Lima (Peru), where he lived for ten years in total. He currently lives in New York City and was an adjunct professor at Hunter College – CUNY, Lehman College – CUNY, and Yeshiva University. His research focuses on cultural policy in Latin America; he has published peer-reviewed articles in scholarly publications (in English and Spanish), among which the International Journal of Cultural Policy, the International Journal of Heritage Studies, and Studies in Conflict & Terrorism.

Web page: https://pierrelosson.academia.edu/?prem_fnl_first=true