Micòl Di Teodoro

Università di Torino (Italy)

Egyptian notions of cultural heritage in ancient times: memory and identity (Enchantment)

2023–2024: Fall

Micòl Di Teodoro holds a PhD in Egyptian Archaeology from University College London. The focus of her doctoral dissertation, published in 2018, was the organization of temporary labor in ancient Egypt through a combination of written sources and archaeological evidence. In past years, she was a post-doctoral researcher at the Egyptian Museum of Turin, and at the University of Turin, Italy.

Her research involved the study of papyrus fragments in hieratic script concerning the semi-literary genre of calendars of lucky and unlucky days, and the transmission of this genre over time. A monograph about it is forthcoming. Her research interests span from labor in ancient Egypt and the ancient Near East to divinatory practices, memory and identity formation, ancient knowledge transfer, historical consciousness, and cultural transmission.