Marco Maiuro

Università degli Studi di Trieste

The economic effects of imperial property in Roman Italy


Marco Maiuro (living in Rome), studies Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology at the Universities of Perugia, Siena, Freiburg (Germany), Trieste and Clermont-Ferrand. PhD Thesis (Trieste and Clermont) on Economic History of Imperial Italy ("La proprietà imperiale in Italia: un'interpretazione storica") soon to be published; collaborates with Universities of Rome and Viterbo (Roman History, professors Lo Cascio and de Romanis) and, since 2006, Field Director at the Archaeological Mission at Villamagna (University of Pennsylvania, BSR, AIAC). Articles published on ancient topography of Rome, on Economic History of the Roman Empire, on cultural change in the Imperial Period. A new archaeological guide of the suburbs of Rome (together with F. Coarelli) is in preparation. Interests focused also on History, Epigraphy and Archaology of the Eastern and African Provinces of the Roman Empire from the Hellenistic Period to Late Antique.