Gloria Origgi

Institut Nicod (CNRS–ENS–EHESS)

Living through the eyes and the words of others: a social epistemology of reputation

2013-2014: Fall

2004-2005: Fall and Spring

Gloria Origgi's work focuses on issues of social epistemology, philosophy of social science and philosophy of new technologies. She is particularly interested in the relation between knowledge and society. Her latest books are on trust (VRIN 2008) and reputation (Seuil 2013) and she's writing a new book on the epistemology of reputation and the massive use of rankings in democratic societies. She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on trust, democracy and the Internet, trust and knowledge, the relation between truth and democracy and the role of ranking systems in the Internet-based knowledge society. She conceives social epistemology as a form of critical theory of the society of knowledge. She is also a writer (La Figlia della Gallina Nera, 2008) and a journalist and commentator for various Italian newspapers and magazines (Micromega, Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Fatto). She is member of the European Commission Board "Horizons 2020" whose aim is to design European research policies for the next 6 years.