Francesco Marcorin

Università IUAV di Venezia

“Verona, the second Rome”: defining a local identity in the Renaissance Veneto

2017-2018: Fall

Weinberg Fellow in architectural history and preservation

Francesco Marcorin holds a PhD in Architectural History from the IUAV University of Venice (2014). His research activity merges architectural/art history and archaeology and provides an alternative reading of the development of the Renaissance architectural language, analyzing the strong influence exerted by non-Vitruvian models such as local antiquities, Late-Antique monuments and Medieval buildings. More specifically, the 16th Century re-discovery of Late-Antique architecture and the definition of new models – exogenous to the Classical language – have been analyzed in detail in several articles and conference papers, with a specific focus on early-modern Rome and Venice and architects of the likes of Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, Andrea Palladio and Michele Sanmicheli.

After completing his PhD, Francesco has conducted archival and curatorial activities: in 2014-15 he cooperated with the State Archives of Verona for the full inventory of the Bevilacqua family archive; in 2016 he worked at the Palladio Museum in Vicenza as assistant curator for the exhibition "Andrea Palladio. Il mistero del volto" (The mystery of Palladio’s face) and in 2017 with The Frick Collection in New York as Ayesha Bulchandani Curatorial Intern.

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