Elena Esposito

Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia

Ars Oblivionalis: Digital techniques of remembering and forgetting

2014-2015: Fall

Co-Sponsored by Columbia's INCITE (Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics)

Elena Esposito teaches Sociology of Communication at the University of Modena-Reggio Emilia (I). She works with the theory of social systems preferably on issues related with the social management of time, including memory and forgetting, fashion and transience, probability calculus, fiction and the use the time in finance. Her current research projects focus on the possibility and forms of forgetting on the web and on the proliferation of rankings and ratings for the management of information.
She published many works on the theory of social systems, media theory, memory theory and sociology of financial markets. Among them The Future of Futures. The Time of Money in Financing and Society, 2011; Die Fiktion der wahrscheinlichen Realität, 2007; Die Verbindlichkeit des Vorübergehenden. Paradoxien der Mode, 2004; Soziales Vergessen. Formen und Medien des Gedächtnisses der Gesellschaft, 2002.

Web site: http://personale.unimore.it/rubrica/dettaglio/elespos