Online Exhibition — The Ancient City of Tharros: Rich Tombs and Extensive Ruins from Punic and Roman Times

snapshot of the screen showing the digital exhibition

This digital online exhibition is an extension of the gallery show inaugurated in April 2023 in the entry hall of the Italian Academy (which has been seen by 5000+ visitors in its first five months). The exhibition reveals the riches of the archaeological site of Tharros in Western Sardinia with fresh photography of the site’s buildings and roads from the Bronze Age, Ancient Roman times, and the Christian era—and a section on the objects now in museums in Sardinia and abroad. 

This initiative is part of the Italian Academy's Sardinia Cultural Heritage Project which includes a book from Columbia University Press and an online digital exhibition—both of them focusing on the statues of Mont’e Prama. In a related initiative, the Academy facilitated the loan of a 3000-year-old statue from Mont’e Prama to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art (on display May–December 2023).

This project is sponsored by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia with the collaboration of the Mont’e Prama Foundation.