Gallery Exhibition — Nuragic Culture in Barumini

Our lobby gallery is open to visitors on weekdays, 10AM-4PM. 

Fresh new photography and videos present brilliant and lush details of the remarkable archaeological site in central Sardinia, Barumini, that has the best-known example of a nuraghe—a unique type of Bronze Age defensive complex. UNESCO chose this as the first Sardinian World Heritage Site (in 1997), in recognition of its "outstanding universal value."

To learn more, see the list of experts who spoke at the Italian Academy's roundtable event in April 2024: New Reports from Sardinia’s UNESCO Site: Nuragic Culture in Barumini.


The Autonomous Region of Sardinia with the collaboration of the Mont’e Prama Foundation and the Barumini Foundation

These initiatives are part of the Italian Academy's Sardinia Cultural Heritage Project which includes a book from Columbia University Press, digital exhibitions and gallery exhibitions, and other conferences. In a related initiative, the Academy facilitated the loan of a 3000-year-old statue from Mont’e Prama to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This project is under the umbrella of the Academy’s International Observatory for Cultural Heritage.