Videos and other material on our recent events

See video recordings or read up on our recent conferences and interviews:

The Italian Academy's first live, free performance before an audience since 2020: William Christie leads artists from The Juilliard School in Handel's "Il Trionfo del Tempo e del Disinganno" (Part 1)

Leaders in law and practice who advance the protection of monuments: Environment, Climate, and Cultural Heritage: Native American Perspectives

On the return of cultural objects to their place of origin:
The Benin Bronzes: Towards the Resolution of a Long-Standing Dispute?

The role of the Carabinieri in the protection of cultural heritage:
An interview with Roberto Riccardi

Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021:
Liliana Segre on Auschwitz and What It Means Today

International Women’s Day 2021:
On Violence against Women: Senator Valeria Valente and Professor Marina Calloni Interview with Rep. Christina Haswood

Also, see video recordings of our recent concert programming:

American Voices: Selected Piano Works by Black and Native American Composers
(which was part of Carnegie Hall’s festival “Voices of Hope: Artists in Times of Oppression”)

Quartetto Prometeo: Beethoven and Arcana
(Beethoven's Op. 95, plus inventive transcriptions by some of Italy's best-known living composers)