Past Event

“The Real, The Symbolic, and The Imaginary”

September 26, 2009
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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Acousmatic & Computer Music. Appearance by Luigi Ceccarelli; works by Ceccarelli and others. Sponsored by Federazione CEMAT-SONORA, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, NYU Department of Music, and others.

The program will feature two significant works by Italian composer Luigi Ceccarelli, one of which the composer will discuss briefly in advance of the performance, mid-way through the concert.

The program also includes live computer music by American composer Eric Lyon, now working at the Sonic Arts Research Center in Belfast. The remainder of the program comprises works by New York City composers, including Paula Matthusen, Ryan Carter, Yoni Niv (world premiere), Judy Klein, Alexander Ness, and Elizabeth Hoffman.
Several of the programmed works involve live and composed video, by Alex Ness, Adam Kendall, and Ceccarelli/Cantoni/Lelli e Masotti.

Marianne Gythfeldt, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet

Christopher Gross, Cello

Alexander Woods, Violin

Yvonne Troxler, Piano

James Moore, Electric Guitar/Banjo

TimeTable, Percussion

This event is supported in part by the Federazione CEMAT-SONORA , Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry for Cultural Affairs - Department for Performing Arts, and the New York University Department of Music, and the Sirota Fund.