Past Event

"The Power of Space: cities in Late Medieval/Early Modern Italy & Northern Europe"

March 11, 2010 - March 12, 2010
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Sponsors: Nederlandse Taalunie; IAP Project funded by the Federal Science Policy of Belgium; Univ. Paris-Sorbonne. Organized by Martha Howell (Columbia).

The Power of Space brings together a group of scholars, senior and junior, from the United States, France, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Switzerland to share research on how cultural, social, political, and economic practices were constituted by spatial organization in cities of Italy (Venice, Lucca, and Naples among others) and northern Europe (Paris and its environs, Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam, and Lille among others) during the late medieval and early modern centuries. Although recognized as the most commercialized parts of late medieval Europe, justly famous for their sociopolitical innovations and cultural achievements, the two regions differed in ways that have made comparative analysis difficult. In addition to pursuing questions particularly informed by anthropological work on the way space not only contains but also confers meaning, the conference is intended to provide a frame for systematic comparison of these two regions. 

Peter Arnade (California State University at San Marcos)
Claire Billen (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Marc Boone (Universiteit Gent)
Diane Chamboduc (Université Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV)
Denis Crouzet (Université Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV)
Elizabeth Crouzet-Pavan (Université Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV)
Thérèse de Hemptinne (Universiteit Gent)
Victoria DeGrazia (Columbia University)
Chloé Deligne (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Jean-Baptiste Delzant (Université Paris Sorbonne -Paris IV)
Pierre-Henri Guittonneau (Université Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV)
Martha Howell (Columbia University)
Élodie Lecuppre-Desjardin (Université Charles de Gaulle, Lille 3)
Edward Muir (Northwestern University)
James Murray (Western Michigan University)
Peter Stabel (Universiteit Antwerpen)
Henk Van Nierop (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
Marco Vencato (Swiss Science and Technology Council)
Ellen Wurtzel (Oberlin College)