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September 26, 1988 - December 12, 2007
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Presidential Visit Dec 12, 2007

Visit of Giorgio Napolitano, President of Italy

Exhibition Nov 29—Dec 18, 2007

Premio New York

Film Nov 26, 2007

RAI Fiction “Crimini”

Workshop Oct 26, 2007

Folk Epistemologies

Exhibition Oct 11, 2007

Photography: On the Sixth Day by Alessandra Sanguinetti

Concert Oct 10, 2007

Due Concertisti: Italian Music for Two

Symposium Sep 28, 2007

Giuseppe Garibaldi between Italy and the Americas

Film Sep 24–Sep 25, 2007

RAI Fiction Week

Exhibition Sep 17–Oct 4, 2007

Incompiuto Siciliano

Humanities and Neuroscience Lecture Apr 24, 2007

Mirror  Neurons, Embodied Simulation, and Aesthetic Experience

Exhibition Nov 30–Dec 19, 2006

Video, painting and sculpture: The Trilogy by Paolo Chiasera; New media: 13 Most Beautiful Avatars by Eva and Franco Matters

Conference Oct 27–Oct 28, 2006

Canoni Assenti (Absent Cannons): A Comparative Conference on Contemporary Italian Poetry

Exhibition Oct 23–Nov 17, 2006

Photography and mixed media: Darkness, Decadence, Empire by Mario Santoro-Woith

Film Oct 13, 2006

Anni Di Piombo: Terrorism on Film

Concert Oct 4–Dec 13, 2006

The Grand Tour Orchestra

Lecture Sep 28, 2006

Andrea De Carlo on his writing and work with film directors Federico Fellini and Michelangelo Antonioni

Italy at Columbia Lecture Sep 19–Oct 31, 2006

Professor Richard Howard: The Dantesque and the Pirandellian; Professor Giuseppe Gerbino: Monteverdi; Professor Teodolina Barolini: The Divine Comedy: The Inferno, Cantos 31 and 32

Exhibition Sep 19–Oct 16, 2006

Paintings: Transmutations by Fereydoon Family

Concert Apr 27–Apr 28, 2006

Polis and Politics: Italian Urbanism under Fascism

Exhibition Apr 19, 2006

Video: The Sun Shines in Kiev by Rossella Biscotti; Performance and multimedia: A Great Circle by Nico Vascellari

Film Mar 26–Apr 11, 2006

Commedia Classica all’Italiana

Conference Mar 23–Mar 24, 2006

Technologies of the Diva

Concert Mar 14–May 2, 2006

Music for the New Century

Lecture Mar 2, 2006

Music and Fencing

Italy at Columbia Lecture Feb 21–Mar 26, 2006

Karen Henson: Rigoletto and Romantic Irony; Francesco Benelli: Siena and Urbino: The Work of Francesco di Giorgio Martini; Paolo Valesio: The Futurist Poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

Italy at Columbia Lecture Feb 7, 2006

Stefano Bollano

Film Jan 24, 2006

Giovanni Falcone by Andrea e Antonio Frazzi

Concert Jul 24, 2006

Giacinto Scelsi’s “Trilogy”

Humanities & Neuroscience Workshop Jun 13, 2006

Art and Vision Science

Exhibition Apr 18, 2006

Premio New York: Photography, video and sculpture: I Was Fine Before You Came by Antonio Rovaldi Video, installation and performance: An Impossible Tour by Marcella Vanzo

Film Mar 27–Apr 11, 2006

The Films of Michelangelo Antonioni

Humanities & Neuroscience Conference Mar 24, 2006

Columbia Forum on Art and the New Biology of Mind

Concert Mar 8–May 3, 2006

Three Italian Men: Marco Cappelli (guitar); Tom Meglioranza (baritone); Emanuele Arciuli (piano)

Exhibition Mar 1, 2006

Photography and Video: Scala Zero by Silvio Wolfe

Italy at Columbia Lecture Jan 31–Apr 3, 2006

David Rosand: Giorgione, Titian, and Crisis in Venice; Victoria de Grazia: How the West Was Won for Mass Consumption: the Italian Campaign, 1953-1973; Gayatri Spivak: Dante's De vulgari eloquentia as a World Text

Exhibition Dec 14, 2005

Multimedia, performance and painting: Global Sisters by Ivana Spinelli Sculpture and performance: Suspended by “Sissi” (Daniela Olivieri)

Symposium Dec 8, 2005

The New Geopolitics of the Balkans with Carlo Jean (Luiss University, Rome)

Humanities & Neuroscience Workshop Nov 21, 2005

Initial Planning Meeting on the Humanities & Neuroscience Project

Lecture Oct 12–Nov 23, 2005

James Beck: Masaccio and the Pictorial Revolution; Richard Howard: Luigi Pirandello; James Shapiro: Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Conference, Exhibition Oct 10–Oct 17, 2005

Lorenzo Da Ponte: Opera and Enlightenment in 18th Century Vienna

Concert Oct 5, 2005

Lorenzo Da Ponte: A Bridge from Italy to New York

Exhibition Oct 1–Oct 5, 2005

Installation:óodzee by Francesco Simeti

Film Sep 29–Nov 17, 2005

Fascism on Film

Lecture Apr 27, 2005

Aid and Development: The Role of Cities in International Cooperation

Italy at Columbia Lecture Feb 8–Apr 6, 2005

Guido Olivieri: The Influence of Italian Instrumental Music on the Emergence of a Modern Audience in 18th Century France; John Podesta: NIAF Public Policy; Lynn Catterson, PhD: Michelangelo's Laocoön?

Film Feb 3–Apr 28, 2005

Exploring Stereotypes II: Americans in Italy on Film Paisà, 1946; Two Weeks In Another Town, 1962; Dimenticare Palermo, 1989; Who's That Knocking At My Door, 1968; Give Us This Day, 1949; The Godfather III, 1990

Symposium Dec 10, 2004

Petrarch at 700: Hermeneutics and Philology

Lecture Dec 7, 2004

Compositional Strategies in the Creation of New Mass Formularies: The Case of the Transfiguration in Southern Italy; Luisa Nardini

Lecture Nov 30, 2004

Ceremony: The Italy-USA Excellence Exchange: Activities of the Recently Founded Honors Center of Italian Universities

Exhibition Nov 10–Nov 19, 2004

Per Vino e Per Segno: Italian wine labels and label design through history

Conference Oct 29, 2004

A Workshop on Randomness, Sponsored with the Italian Embassy in Washington

Concert Oct 13–Dec 1, 2004

Italy / NYC: Contemporary Music at the Italian Academy; The Argento Chamber Ensemble; Stefano Scodanibbio (contrabassist); Jenny Lin (pianist)

Film Sep 30–Dec 2, 2004

Exploring Stereotypes: Italians in America on Film: Give Us This Day, 1949; Sacco e Vanzetti, 1971; The Godfather Part II, 1974; A Wedding, 1978; Down by Law, 1986; Good Morning Babylon, 1987 Sponsored by Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Exhibition Sep 24, 2004

Photography: Italiani d’America by Ernesto Bazan

Lecture Apr 27, 2004

State Visit: Walter Veltroni, Mayor of Rome, on Aiuto e Sviluppo: Il Ruolo delle Città nella Cooperazione Internazionale (Aid and Development: The Role of Cities in International Cooperation)

Book Presentation Apr 21, 2004

Irresistible Empire: America's Advance through Twentieth-Century Europe Victoria de Grazia (Columbia University)

Exhibition Apr 18, 2004

Premio New York Exhibition: Film, Video, Drawing and Painting: Works In Progress by Rä Di Martino and Gabriele Picco

Concert Apr 11, 2004

L’Arena di Verona

Concert Mar 2– May 4, 2004

Musica Antica e Nuova Tom Chiu (experimental violinist); QNG: Quartet New Generation, recorder collective; Blair McMillen (pianist)

Exhibition Apr 27, 2004

Multi-media: Glass Movie/Film di retro by Alessandra Tesi

Exhibition Mar 10, 2004

Photography: Untold Stories by Marina Berio

Film Feb 5–Apr 15, 2004

Visions of the North: Il Posto, 1961; Prima della Rivoluzione, 1964; Senso, 1954; Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli, 1960; La Notte, 1960; Miracolo a Milano, 1951

Concert Dec 11, 2003–May 5, 2004

Solo at the Italian Academy: Yael Weiss (piano), Marilyn Nonken (piano); Lucy Shelton (soprano) accompanied by Pedja Muzijevic; Frances-Marie Uitti (cello)

Symposium Dec 4, 2003

Democracy and Information: Truth, Politics and the Press

Lecture Nov 24, 2003

My Airy Spirit: Ethereal Metaphors & Magical Thought Marina Warner (Italian Academy Fellow)

Conference Oct 24, 2003

Machiavelli Revisited: New Approaches to his Political Theory

Concert Oct 8–Dec 3, 2003

Contemporary Classic Italian: Music of the Last 50 Years Emanuele Arciuli (piano); Antares: Vesselin Gellev (violin) Rebecca Patterson (cello), Garrick Zoeter (clarinet), Eric Huebner (piano); Luciano Berio Sequenzas: Joan La Barbara, William Schimmel

Film Sep 25–Nov 20, 2003

Visions of the South: La Terra Trema, 1948; Viaggio in Italia, 1953; Divorizio all'Italiana, 1961; Salvatore Giuliano, 1961; L'avventura, 1960; Pasqualino Settebellezze, 1961 Sponsored by Monte dei Paschi di Siena

Conference Sep 24, 2003

Foreign Minister Frattini and President of Cofindustria Antonio D’Amato

Exhibition Mar 25, 2003

Photography: Sardinia by Leonard Sussman

Exhibition Mar 10, 2003

Multi-media and Video: Miele by Sara Rossi Under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sponsored by the Italian Cultural Institute

Film Feb 5–Apr 14, 2003

Beyond Cinecittà: Highlights of Italian Cinema from 1980 to the Present La Notte di San Lorenzo (Night of the Shooting Stars), 1982; Tre Fratelli, 1981; Ginger e Fred, 1986; Palombella Rossa (Red Wood Pigeon), 1989; Caro Diario, 1994; L'america, 1994

Exhibition Dec 3, 2002

Photography and Digital Media: New York by Chiara by Chiara Carocci

Film Nov 13, 2002

Occhio Nero, Occhio Biondo, Occhio Felino: Una Serata con Muzzi Loffredo

Concert Oct 30, 2002–Apr 24, 2003

Chamber Music at the Italian Academy

Book Presentation Oct 8, 2002

The Eye of the Lynx: Galileo, His Friends and the Beginnings of Modern History by David Freedberg

Film Sep 26–Nov 21, 2002

Divo / Diva: L’oro di Napoli, 1954; Lo sciecco bianco, 1951; La dolce vita, 1959; Bellissima, 1951; Il sorpasso, 1962; Mimi’ metallurgico ferito nell’onore, 1972; Una giornata particolare, 1977

Italy at Columbia Lecture Apr 10–Apr 24, 2002

L. L.Cavalli-Sforza: Genes, Words & Ideas; Ethnic Differences: Genes, Culture and Prejudice & Differences; The History of the Last Hundred Thousand Years; From Language to Medicine: Biological and Cultural Foundations of Modernity

Lecture Apr 2, 2002

Martha Nussbaum gives the inaugural Paul O. Kristeller Lecture

Conference Mar 28, 2002

Giuliano Amato, Vice-President of the Convention on European Union Reform

Conference Mar 12, 2002

Fighting the Mafia Leoluca Orlando, Former Mayor of Palermo and President of the Palermo Renaissance Foundation

Film Feb 7–Apr 18, 2002

The Rise and Fall of Italian Neorealism: Obsession, 1942; Roma città aorta, 1945; Ladri di biciclette, 1948; Umberto D, 1952;  La strada, 1954

Conference Nov 15–Nov 16, 2001

Enrico Fermi and the Beginnings of Nuclear Fission; In collaboration with the Department of Physics of Columbia University

Concert Nov 7, 2001

World Trade Center Benefit Concert: Original jazz improvisations along with music of Haydn, Rachmaninoff, Debussy, Brahms, Faure and Villa-Lobos; Deborah Bradley, Director

Exhibition Oct 23, 2001

September 11, 2001 Organization for Migration in Rome. Jack Saul, Director of Trauma Studies Program at NYU; Silvia Salvatici, Archives of Memory Development at the International Organization for Migration

Lecture Sept 18, 2001

Guests’ visit to America cancelled; lecture-performance replaced by an open house; to share in the spirit of community, solidarity, and reflection on the events of the past week

Concert Apr 25–May 5, 2001

Students of the Columbia-Juilliard Joint Program Music of Debussey, Dvorak, Villa Lobos, Etler, Bozza; Music of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Crumb, Donanyi; Stravinsky's L'Histoire du Soldat Deborah Bradley, Director

Lecture Apr 13, 2001

The Papal Response to Fascist Anti-Semitism: From the Confrontation of Pius XI to the Conciliation of Pius XII

Lecture Mar 28–Apr 25, 2001

Tiziano Bonazzi: Civilization and Its Burdens: Redefining the Other to Meet the Challenge of History in Late 19th Century America; Innocence in the 20th Century? Exemplary Narratives of the American Nation and the Usual Odd Couple

Lecture Mar 28–Apr 25, 2001

Tiziano Bonazzi: “The Sovereign People as American People: Explorations in the Politics and Metapolitics of Nationalism in the United States” Sovereign People in the Making: The Political Myth of Modernity in the Declaration of Independence

Lecture Mar 2, 2001

The Best Known Girl in the Whole Wide World: Why the Mona Lisa?

Exhibition Feb 8, 2001

A Journey through Imperial Rome: An Exhibition of Artifacts from the Imperial Forum

Lecture Feb 5–Apr 30, 2001

Francesco Giavazzi (Università Bocconi): Enlarging an Unreformed Europe; Alan Milward, London School of Economics: The Future of the European Union in Historical Perspective; Stanley Hoffmann (Harvard University): The Future of Transatlantic Relations

Concert Jan 31–Mar 31, 2001

Vivaldi's L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Part 1: Gotham City Baroque Orchestra; The Complete Concert Music of Robert Parsons: Parthenia Viol Concert and guests; Vivaldi's L'Estro Armonico, Op. 3, Part II: Gotham City Baroque Orchestra

Lecture Dec 8, 2000

Fascist New Towns and the Reinvention of Italians

Conference Nov 16–Nov 18, 2001

Italy and Cyprus in Antiquity

Concert Nov 15, 2000

Trio Sonatas of Corelli and Others; Louis Louis; The Claremont Trio: Emily Bruskin (violin), Julia Brustin (cello), Donna Kwong (piano)

Lecture Nov 10, 2000

Law and Justice: The Italian Constitutional Court

Lecture Oct 19–Oct 26, 2000

The 1930s: A System and a Psyche; The USSR’s 1960s: In Quest of Modernization: Russia’s 20th Century: The Burdens of History

Lecture Oct 13, 2000

Difference, Identity, Sovereignty and the Problem of Trieste; Glenda Sluga (History Department and Center for European Studies, University of Sydney)

Italy at Columbia Lecture Oct 11–Nov 8, 2000

Ranajit Guha: History at the Limit of World History

Workshop Sep 22, 2000

Sesso? Si, Grazie! Dario Fo and Franca Rame

Conference Sep 7, 2000

Head of State Reception For Vaclav Havel Ceremonies (CU Presidents’ Office)

Concert Dec 14, 2000

An Italian Renaissance Christmas: The Vox Vocal Ensemble

Conference May 16–May 18, 2000

Commemoration of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees at 50: Past, Present, and Future of Refugee Assistance

Lecture May 12, 2000

Peripheral Landed Elites in Comparative Perspective: Patriarchalism and Paternalism in the American South and the Italian Mezzogiorno, 1815-1860: Enrico Dal Lago

Roundtable Discussion Apr 18, 2000

WW11 as Civil War: South and Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective: Organized by Silvana Patriarca and Victoria de Grazia (Columbia University)

Lecture Apr 14, 2000

Tourism, Nation and Empire in Fascist Italy: Krystyna von Henneberg (Department of History, University of California at Davis)

Conference Apr 9–Apr 15, 2000

Transforming the Places of Production: New York/Milano Planning Colloquia

Conference Apr 7–Apr 9, 2000

Dante 2000 Directed by Teodolina Barolini (Chairman, Department of Italian, Columbia University)

Conference Mar 30, 2000

E2K: A New Vision For Europe: The Institute on Western Europe’s 17th Annual Graduate Student Conference

Mar 7, 2000

Addio Per Sempre: Exile and Other Dislocations in Italian Nineteenth-Century Song: Julia Grella (Fellow, Italian Academy)

Concert Feb 29, 2000

The Risorgimento Project: Italian Art Songs of the Nineteenth Century: Julia Grella (mezzo-soprano), Francesco Izzo (piano)

Conference Feb 24–Feb 26, 2000

The Earth Economic Forum II: Directed by Massimo di Matteo (Università di Siena) and Graciela Chichilnisky (Columbia University)

Concert Jan 18–Mar 21, 2000

The Complete Concerti Grossi of Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713) Corelli and Vivaldi; Corelli and England; Corelli and France: Gotham City Baroque

Symposium Nov 19–Nov 20, 2000

The Self and Self-Knowledge

Conference Nov 12–Nov 13, 2000

Old Differences and New Similarities: American and European Immigration Policies in a Comparative Perspective

Concert Nov 5–Nov 6, 1999

Caldara and Lotti: 17th Century Italian Mannerists

Lecture Oct 29, 2000

Spallanzani’s Biological Contributions, 2000 Years After His Death

Concert Oct 19, 1999

Tears of the Muse: English Folksongs and Elizabethan Ballads: Daniel Taylor (counter-tenor), Steven Stubbs (lute)

Symposium Oct 17–Oct 22, 1999

Transforming the Places of Production: New York/Milano Planning Colloquia

Symposium Oct 13–Oct 14, 1999

Global Movements Towards a Moratorium on the Death Penalty

Lecture Sep 17, 1999

Sixteenth-Century Venetian Observers of Muslim Societies: Giorgio Vercellin (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia)

Concert Sep 15, 1999

Faculty Concert featuring Members of the Performance Faculty, Department of Music

Exhibition Sep 14–Oct 15, 1999

Italian Art Posters: c. 1880–1935

News Flash May 6, 1999

A Celebration of Columbia University Library’s Seven Millionth Volume: the Dante Estense, a Gift from the Family of Mario Casalini, Book Dealer and Publisher; Co-sponsored by the Friends of the Columbia University Libraries

Lecture Apr 12, 1999

Japan: The Magic of Mountains

Symposium Apr 7, 1999

The History of Science: History and Knowledge of the Natural World Co-sponsored by the Society of Fellows in the Humanities and the Office of the Provost

Lecture Mar 24–Apr 21, 1999

Italian Academy Lecture Series

Conference Feb 18–Feb 20, 1999

The Marshall Plan: 50 Years After Cold War Culture: Film, Fact and Fiction

Lecture Feb 17, 1999

On Corelli’s 347th birthday: The Complete Concerti Grossi of Arcangelo Corelli (1653–1713) Corelli’s Music in Cultural Context

Concert Dec 15, 1998

Columbia University Student Chamber Ensemble Recital Works by Bach, Brahms, Dvorak, Handel, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Poulenc, Rachmaninoff, Schumann, Telemann and Grant Still

Conference Nov 19–Nov 20, 1998

Public Opinion, Mass Media and European and American Foreign Policy Directed by Pierangelo Isernia, Robert Shapiro and Brigitte Nacos

Concert Nov 5, 1998

The Music of Ennio Porrino & Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Maria Lucia Costa

Concert Oct 20, 1998–Apr 13, 1999

Concert Series

Conference Oct 12, 1998

Colloquium on Water Diplomacy

Conference Oct 11, 1998

The Comparative Study of Urban Water Management in Italian Cities Directed by Dr. Erik Mortensen

Lecture Oct 8–Oct 29, 1998

The Leopardi Lecture Series Commemorating Count Giacomo Leopardi (1798–1837)

Symposium May 2, 1998

The Fullbright Experience: Italians in America, Americans in Italy

Concert Apr 29, 1998

Concert of Italian Operatic Arias: Performed by Singers of the Jerome Hines Foundation (Opera Music Theatre International)

Conference Apr 28–Apr 26, 1998

Earth Forum From Kyoto to Buenos Aires: Technology Transfer and Emissions Trading

Conference Apr 19, 1998

Columbia University Italian Graduate Students’ Conference: The Body and Object

Conference Apr 17–Apr 18, 1998

Social Policy Rights versus Efficiency

Conference Apr 15, 1998

Who Owns Culture?

Lecture Mar 27–Apr 29, 1998

Lecture Series: Anne Robichaud: Assisi: Before and After, Hans Belting (Institut fuer Kunstgeschichte-Karlsruhe): Dante: The Painter of Shadows; Francesca Duranti: The Construction of the Fictional Character

Lecture Mar 9, 1998

Lecture Series: The Da Ponte Lecture

Conference Mar 5, 1998

East Meets West: The Challenge of Enlarging Europe; Directed by Glenda Rosenthal (Columbia University)

Lecture Feb 26–Mar 26, 1998

Italy at Columbia Lecture Series

Conference Feb 28, 1998

Comparative Literature: The Intellectual Foundations

Exhibition Feb 19, 1998

Gianni Versace: History and Invention; Richard Martin (The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Conference Feb 14, 1998

The Marshall Plan and Public Opinion

Lecture Feb 9, 1998

Leon Battista Alberti: ‘Libri della Famiglia’

Conference Feb 4, 1998

The Italian American Tradition Directed by Pellegrino d’Acierno (Hofstra University)

Lecture Dec 4, 1997

Post-Structuralist Necrophilia, or the Political Lives of Dead Bodies: Ancestors, Property, and Religious Ligitimation

Concert Dec 3, 1997

Colpo di Scena; Performance Sponsored by the Department of Italian (Columbia University)

Conference Nov 21, 1997

Justice and Social Reconstruction: A Conference on the Bosnian Experience and the Rule of Law

Conference Nov 17–Nov 19, 1997

Between Hermeneutics and Neopositivism: Umberto Eco, Arthur Danto, Stefano Zecchi, Sergio Giovone, Maurizio Ferraris, Mario Perniola, Richard Brilliant, David Freedberg

Lecture Oct 3, 1997

Fermi Lecture 1997-Particle Accelerators: From Fundamental Research to Cancer Therapy Ugo Amaldi (CERN-European Organization for Nuclear Research)

Exhibition Oct 21, 1997

Italian Design: Snaidero and Paola Pininfarina; Co-sponsored by Snaidero USA

Lecture Oct 13, 1997

Bernini: Charles Avery and David Rosand (Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History and Archaeology, Columbia University) Co-sponsored by Little Brown & Co

Conference Oct 10–Oct 12, 1997

Authoritarian Legacies Rights Versus Efficiency: Paola Cesarini, Gianfranco Pasquino, Luisa Passerini, Consuelo Cruz

Lecture Oct 7–Dec 12, 1997

United Nations Lecture Series

Conference Sep 13–Sep 15, 1997

Economic Governance Rights Versus Efficiency: Caden Addis, Eduardo Gomez, Nadya Castro, Monica Casselet

Conference Jun 10, 1997

Italian Icons: Living with Marble Architecture Design

Lecture May 20,  1997

The Evolution of Medicine From Natural History to Natural Science Giovanni Felice Azzone (Università di Padova and Director, Institute of General Pathology)

Concert Apr 17, 1997

Metamorphosis Ensemble, Cameristi di Sulmona

Lecture Apr 15, 1997

Primo Levi (1919–1987)

Conference Apr 14–Apr 17, 1997


Conference Apr 11–Apr 12, 1997

International Conference: Byzantium through Italian Eyes

Exhibition Apr 8, 1997

Painting and Photography: Images and Openings of Italy by Archie Rand and Edmund Purvis

Conference Apr 5, 1997

Writing Italia: The Graduate Student Conference

Lecture Apr 3, 1997

Gramsci and Modernity

Conference Mar 6–Mar 8, 1997

The Sixteenth Annual IWE Graduate Students Conference Glenda Rosenthal (Director, Institute on Western Europe): The End of the Welfare State? Social Policy, Citizenship Rights and Welfare Provision in a Changing Europe

Lecture Feb 25, 1997

How to Redefine Italy’s Unity: A Federalist Solution Within Europe Piero Bassetti (Chairman, Camera di Commercio, Industria e Artigianato di Milano)

Lecture Feb 13, 1997

Individualization and Globalization: New Frontiers for Personal Experience and Collective Action: Alberto Melucci (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Lecture Feb 5, 1997

The American Legal System: An Italian Heritage; Hans Smit, Professor Stanley H. Fuld (Columbia University)

Conference Nov 30, 1996

Writing Italia: The Fourteenth Annual Graduate Students’ Conference

Conference Nov 15, 1996

Presidential Power: Forging the Presidency for the 21st Century

Lecture Nov 14, 1996

Diario Postumo: Homage to Eugenio Montale

Lecture Oct 24–Nov 25, 1996

Italian Academy Lecture Series

Lecture Oct 24, 1996

Il Complesso di Ulisse: La Transizione Politica Italiana dalla Prima alla Seconda Repubblica

Conference, Book Presentation Oct 23, 1996

Uomo di Incontro tra Politica e Cultura by Giovanni Spadolini

Conference Oct 18–Oct 19, 1996

After Orientalism: A Symposium on the Work of Edward Said

Conference Oct 14–Oct 18, 1996

International Conference: Advanced Confinement Concepts and Theory

Lecture Apr 3–Apr 5, 1995

Gianni Vattimo: After Christianity

Lecture Oct 25–Oct 27, 1993

Edward Said: Late Style

Concert Sep 26, 1988–Apr 26, 1999

RAI Documentary Film Series