Past Event

The Future of the Western Liberal Order: The Case of Italy

December 5, 2012
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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A conference of the Transatlantic Academy and the Italian Academy, with support from the Alliance Program, Columbia University.

  • David Freedberg (Director, Italian Academy)
  • Stephen Szabo (Executive Director, Transatlantic Academy)
  • Emiliano Alessandri (German Marshall Fund)
  • Bill Emmot ("The Economist")
  • Alexander Stille (Columbia)
  • James Newell (University of Salford, UK)
  • Gianfranco Pasquino (Transatlantic Academy Johns Hopkins SAIS Bologna Center University of Bologna)
  • Charles Sabel (Columbia)
  • Maurizio Molinari ("La Stampa")
  • Richard Youngs (Transatlantic Academy "FRIDE")
  • Nadia Urbinati (Columbia)
  • Paolo Mancini (University of Perugia)
  • Karin Deutsch Karlekar (Freedom House)
  • Gábor Halmai (Transatlantic Academy Princeton)
  • Jan-Werner Müller (Princeton)