Roberta De Monticelli

Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele

Public indifference to the loss of cultural heritage and identity

2016-2017: Spring

Roberta De Monticelli is Full Professor for Philosophy of Personhood at San Raffaele University, Milan, and Director of PERSONA (Research Centre in Phenomenology and Sciences of the Person, - see also its forum, Phenomenology Lab,

She is currently Chief Editor of “Phenomenology and Mind” – The Online Journal of PERSONA ( From 1989 to 2004 she was Full Professor of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the Université de Genève. Her permanent domains of research are defined by a Phenomenological approach to Mind and Personhood: Norms and Values – Feeling/Emotions – Will/Decisions – Personal Identity – Embodied Cognition. Her long term research aims at a cognitive foundation of practical reason, needed to counteract mainstream ethical scepticism and axiological disenchantment, while rejecting both Constructivism and Metaphysical Realism as unsatisfactory alternatives in current meta-ethical debate. Yet the comprehensive frame of this research is not Moral Philosophy, but a theory of Personhood, including moral as well as any other value-guided type of agency, and integrating emotional sensibility as an ultimate source of evidence and justification for value judgments of very different sort. At the Italian Academy she will develop her program of a cognitive foundation of value judgments by considering the paradigmatic example of beauty and its emotional perception, focusing on a new and widespread type of practical and axiological scepticism, as exemplified by public indifference (or even insensitivity) to the loss of cultural heritage and identity.

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