Otto Kallscheuer

Ruhr Universität Bochum

Urbi et orbi 2.0? The Vatican as a transnational actor in a changing international system

2013-2014: Spring

Otto Kallscheuer has been a member of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton and a Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Dynamics in the History of Religion" at the University of Bochum (Germany); he has also held visiting professorships at various universities in Germany (Berlin, Giessen, Bonn), Switzerland (Lucerne, Basel) and Italy (Naples, Rome, Sassari). Publications include: "Giustizia e libertà in Marx" (1984); "Das Europa der Religionen" (1996); "Die Wissenschaft vom Lieben Gott" [The Science of the Good God] (2006, 2008); "Zur Zukunft des Abendlandes" [The Future of the Old West] (2009). He is a regular contributor to major German newspapers. His research at the Italian Academy will focus on the challenges of the globalized world-system for the policies and structure of the Roman Catholic Church.