Noga Arikha

Warburg Institute


Seduction and Science: A History of Humors and Animal Spirits


Noga Arikha, raised in Paris and based in London, received from the Warburg Institute both her MA in Renaissance Studies (1996) and her PhD (2001), which traced a history of the mind-body problem in the seventeenth century. Her current research likewise draws together history of ideas and mind sciences. She is writing a book which explores the history of humoral theories and analyses the status of scientific explanations of the human mind. She has worked for the New York Review of Books (1993) and for its Italian edition, La Rivista dei Libri (1994-97). With the Paris-based Euro-edu Foundation, she is a co-organizer of multilingual Web symposia: text-e (2001-2), about the impact of the Internet on texts; art & cognition (Fall 2002), of direct relevance to the Academy's Art and Neuroscience Project.