Marco Maiuro

Sapienza Università di Roma (Italy)

Imperial lararia and their religious landscape

2022-2023: Fall

I am a scholar interested in social and economic topics of the history, mainly ancient, of the Mediterranean basin. Matters such as fiscal policies of Hellenistic and Roman states, agrarian outputs of premodern farming enterprises, social mobility, demography, rates of urbanization across space and time, and the role of the State in copying with such issues have always been the center of my scholarly output. I am currently professor of Roman History at Sapienza, University of Rome, after having spent several years of research and teaching in the U.S. and research in Germany, the U.K., France, Spain and Greece. I am currently directing programs of research in Italy (Hadrian’s villa) and Kosovo (Ulpiana), programs of research and teaching on Late Antiquity (CAF Tarda Antichità, Sapienza, Rome), and a scholarly series of books on social and economic history of the ancient world (Pragmateiai). As of late 2022, I am finishing up the editorial work of two Oxford Handbooks and completing a monograph on monetary history of the Roman world (with E. Lo Cascio) for CUP.