Marco Geuna

Università di Milano

Machiavelli, the disappearance of the Etruscans, and the destructive force of religions

2016-2017: Fall

Marco Geuna has been an Associate Professor of History of Political Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy in the State University of Milan since 2000. The author and editor of several books, he has published articles on modern political philosophers, on the republican tradition and neo-republicanism, and on the just war tradition and its critics.

In recent years he has focused his research on Machiavelli’s ideas and on the relationship between religion and politics in modern philosophies. Working for a semester at the Italian Academy will enable him not only to continue the line of research he has been following for some time, but also to put together and write the first chapter of a larger work dedicated to the genealogy of the relationship between religion and violence in modern thought.

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