Lamya Khalidi

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS; France)

Human mobility, climate, and resources in the Afro-Arabian rift system (12,000–2,000 BP)

2022-2023: Fall and Spring

Lamya Khalidi is a Researcher at the CNRS, in the Cultures et Environnements: Préhistoire, Antiquité, Moyen Âge (CEPAM) laboratory at the University Côte d’Azur in Nice, France. She received her PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2006. She is an archaeologist and specialist in the late prehistory of Arabia and the Horn of Africa (12th - 1st millennium BC). Her main research interests and expertise are in environmental and landscape archaeology, with emphasis on the dynamic processes of human transformation and adaptation in response to volcanism, hydroclimate changes and human interactions in East Africa and the Middle East during the Holocene. She is a permanent member of international archaeological programs in Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia, Republic of Djibouti, Syria, and Lebanon. Director of several projects in Yemen between 2002 and 2010, she currently directs the VAPOR-Afar project in Ethiopia. She is co-editor of three books and has authored and co-authored more than sixty scientific and mainstream articles. Her co-edited volumes include From refugia to oases: living in arid environments from prehistoric times to the present day and Contacts Between South Arabia and the Horn of Africa, From the Bronze Age to Islam.