Klaus Krüger

Freie Universität Berlin

Imagining the public: Image policy and its aesthetic foundations in late medieval and early modern Italy

2018-2019: Fall

Klaus Krüger is Professor of Art History at the Freie Universität of Berlin, having previously held positions of Chair at the Universities of Greifswald and Basel, and visiting positions and fellowships in Paris (ÉHÉSS), New York (Columbia University), Konstanz (University/Center of Excellence), Vienna (IFK) and Rome (Bibliotheca Hertziana/Max-Planck-Institute). He is Co-Editor of the book series Historische Semantik and Figura. Ästhetik, Geschichte, Literatur and since 2012 Co-Director of the Center for Advanced Study/Research College BildEvidenz. Geschichte und Ästhetik at the FU Berlin (www.bildevidenz.de). His research interests include the history and cultural status of visual images, in particular their changing role in medieval and early modern times, with special reference to Italian painting and sculpture from the Middle Ages to Baroque (12th-17th century); the origin and early history of the altarpiece; visionary images; and Caravaggio. Further research interests include contemporary art, art and film, and the theories and methodology of art history. Among his book publications are: Bildpräsenz – Heilspräsenz. Ästhetik der Liminalität (2018); Zur Eigensinnlichkeit der Bilder (2017); Grazia. Religiöse Erfahrung und ästhetische Evidenz (2016); Politik der Evidenz. Öffentliche Bilder als Bilder der Öffentlichkeit im Trecento (2015); Das Bild als Schleier des Unsichtbaren. Ästhetische Illusion in der Kunst der frühen Neuzeit in Italien (2001); Der frühe Bildkult des Franziskus in Italien. Gestalt- und Funktionswandel des Tafelbildes im 13. und 14. Jahrhundert (1992). In addition, various editorships and numerous articles about a broad field of topics. 

Web pages: www.bildevidenz.de; www.geschkult.fu-berlin.de/e/khi/institut/mitarbeiter_innen/professoren/...