Federico Pierotti

Università di Firenze

The emotional impact of color in contemporary cinema: aesthetics, science, and technology

2015-2016: Spring

Federico Pierotti is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florence, where he teaches Film History and Forms of Contemporary Cinema. His book La seduzione dello spettro: Storia e cultura del colore nel cinema (2012) regards color in film history as a central issue to modern media visual culture. Besides his work on color, Pierotti also has an interest in the history of post war Italian cinema, as well as in new wave and contemporary Portuguese films. His writings have been published in several peer-reviewed journals, including Interfaces, Bianco e Nero, Fata Morgana, Quaderni d'italianistica and Colore e Colorimetria. He has participated in invitational lectures and international conferences on film, media and color studies. He is part of the editorial board of the academic journal Immagine: Note di Storia del Cinema. He is currently working on a book manuscript which draws upon his research on the emotional impact of color in digital cinema. In January 2014 he qualified to be an Associate Professor.

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