Federica Favino

Università di Roma La Sapienza

Galileo and the Roman Curia: modern science and Catholic Reformation c. 1610–1700

2011-2012: Fall

Federica Favino graduated in Philosophy from the University of Rome 'La Sapienza' and received her PhD in History from the University of Naples. She is currently working as a Research Fellow and Lecturer in History of Science at the Sapienza University of Rome. Dr. Favino's area of expertise is on Giovanni Battista Ciampoli (1589-1643), papal secretary and disciple of Galileo. She is the author of several essays which focus on the circulation of the "new science" in the papal court, the practice of experimental physics in Rome in the 17th century, and science teaching at the University of Rome from the 16th century to the Great Reform of Pope Benedict XIV.