Elisabetta Benigni

Università di Torino

When The Prince travelled to Egypt: politics and ideology in 19th- and 20th- century Arabic translation of Machiavelli

2014-2015: Spring

I currently hold a research and lecturing position at the University of Turin. After having obtained my PhD from the University Sapienza (Rome) in 2009, I was postdoctoral fellow at the research programme Zukunftsphilologie at Freie Universitat in Berlin (2011-2012) and an Herzog–Ernst Thyssen Foundation postdoctoral fellow at the Gotha research library (2012). My research interests are comparative literature in the Mediterranean context (particularly focusing on the transmission of texts in the early modern Mediterranean world) and exchanges and relations between Italian and Arab intellectual worlds. My project at the Italian Academy aims to study the translation and the reception of Machiavelli's Il Principe in Egypt between 18th and 20th centuries.

Web page: http://www.dipartimentolingue.unito.it/Benigni/oss-home.asp