Bella Brover-Lubovsky

Bar-Ilan University


'Prima e seconda prattica' of settecento music theory


Bella Brover-Lubovsky received her B.A. and M.A. in musicology in Russia, and her Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001). Her principal research interests include eighteenth-century harmonic theories; the epistemological and cultural roots of tonality; early and mid-eighteenth century instrumental music; and Russian music. She has been published articles in various scholarly journals and presented papers at international conferences and symposiums. Her book "Estro armonico" on Vivaldi's tonality is soon to be published by the Indiana University Press.
Brover-Lubovsky has been a recipient of the Vigevani Postdoctoral prize for a study in Italy (2003), and a Newberry Library fellowship for individual research (2005). She spent a 2003-04 as a postdoctoral fellow and a visiting assistant professor at the School of Music, University of Illinois. She has been a Research fellow and lecturer at the Musicology Department, Hebrew University from 2001-2006; a lecturer at the Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance since 1995, and an Assistant Professor at the Music Department, Bar-Ilan University, since 2005.
While at Columbia, she will further her current research towards a study of theoretical and philological sources into the concepts of organization of tonal space and systematization of pitch phenomena in Italian music of the "long eighteenth century," viewed against the intellectual and artistic background of the time.