Rule of Law: Cases, Strategies, and Interpretations

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Barbara Faedda 


Barbara Faedda 


Ronzani / The Italian Academy



In this moment of social division, polarization, poverty, climate change, and pandemics, it is crucial to understand the roles of those who manage, control, or are touched by the rule of law.

This book contains essays by 32 authors from across the globe that address racism, misinformation, human rights, the status of women, the treatment of indigenous peoples, the environment, and more.

Sponsored by the Italian Academy and commissioned and edited by Barbara Faedda (the Academy's Executive Director) this volume includes writing from David Freedberg (the Academy's Director) on images, law, and the criminal body in the 16th century. Among the other contributors are several former Academy Fellows, panelists from public events at the Academy, and experts in many fields. The full Table of Contents is here below.

This book is part of the Academy's project on Law and Its Manifestations, which supports research, seminars, and publications to look at law and its images, and at the relationship between law and nature in theory, philosophy, history, and religious thought.

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Giuliano Amato

Barbara Faedda

A Tandem Bicycle: The Rule of Law and the Protection of Human Rights
John D. Bessler

Trump vs. the Rule of Law
Antara Haldar

What Things Undermine the Rule of Law? Ongoing Lessons from American Legal Decay
Paul Gowder

“Make America Great Again”? Dog Whistle Politics, Policing, and the Myth of a Postracial America
Bridgette Baldwin

The Rule of Law: National, International, and Regional Dimensions
Paul Craig

Two Interpretations of the Rule of Law
Anna Elisabetta Galeotti

The Rule of Law and Its Conception between “National” and “International”
Gianluigi Palombella

The Rule of Law in Societies Emerging from Conflict
Hoolo ‘Nyane

Whose Laws Apply? Indigenous Rights and the Rule of Law in Canada
Kate Gunn and Bruce McIvor

Rule of Law in Reinvigorating Environmental Protection: An Assessment of Judicial Strategies in India
Stellina Jolly

The Rule of Law and Chinese Characteristics
Jacques deLisle

Law as an Instrument of Power: The Chinese Socialist Rule of Law
Maria Adele Carrai

Rule of Law in Japan: Cases, History, and Social Structure
Masao Kotani

Based in Respect: Street Politics and the Workings of an Informal Rule of Law in Haiti
Chelsey L. Kivland

Rule of Law in Latin America:
Toward a Thick Conception of Equality before the Law
Julio Ríos-Figueroa

Gender and Legal Pluralism in Mexico
Victoria Chenaut

The Rule of Law and Feminism
Anna Loretoni

Enlarging Citizenship, Strengthening Human Rights, Reframing the Rule of Law: The Enduring Battles of Cross-Cultural Women’s Movements
Marina Calloni

Bordering and “Othering” under the Rule of Law:
The Tense Tango between Discretion and the Rule of Law in Matters of Mobility Control in the European Union
Maartje van der Woude

Accessing Justice from Immigration Detention in Greece and Italy
Mary Bosworth, Francesca Esposito, and Andriani Fili

Tandem tandem iustitia obtinet: Images, Law,
and the Criminal Body during the Revolt of the Netherlands
David Freedberg

Interpretation, Special Laws, and Confessional Bias: Obstacles to Legal Equality
Kenneth Stow

Renaissance, the Rule of Law, and Tyrannophobia
Paolo Carta

Law Is Not Justice
Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Corporate Governance Indifference to the Rule of Law Accountability for Corporate Tax Erosion and Corruption (in Political Contributions)
Luca CM Melchionna

Authoritarian Rule of Law’s Strategic Lexicon: Singapore Legislates against “Fake News”
Jothie Rajah

Conspiring above the Law: The Growth of “Disinformation Infrastructures” across Europe
Irene Pasquetto

Countering Disinformation: Multilateral Responses to Information Threats
Costanza Sciubba Caniglia