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Marco Maiuro


Marco Maiuro became a Fellow Associate of the Italian Academy in 2014 in his role as co-director of the Advanced Program of Ancient History and Art—the archaeological program at Hadrian’s Villa and at Stabiae in Italy.

He also won a Fellowship at the Academy in 2007-2008 with a project titled "The economic effects of imperial property in Roman Italy." He served (2008-2014) as Assistant Professor of Ancient History in the Department of History at Columbia University.

He specializes in social and economic history of pre-modern societies with a geographic focus on Italy and the Mediterranean basin in the first millennium BCE and CE. He published widely on topics of economic, agrarian, administrative and social history. He is currently working on a monograph centered around the problem of urbanization in Italy and city/countryside relation from Early Iron Age to the Carolingian era. He is also editing the Oxford Handbook of Pre-Roman Italy.