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Sample request for a reference letter

Your referee will receive an e-mail message like this one, below.

Subject: Marina Rossi is requesting a reference letter for Italian Academy, Columbia University

This email is sent to you on behalf of Marina Rossi. Marina Rossi is requesting a reference letter for a submission to the Italian Academy, Columbia University.

Please click HERE to upload a reference letter for Marina Rossi.
Kindly observe our deadline of Wednesday, December 11, 2019.

The Academy wishes to know why the candidate’s work is best conducted in New York, at Columbia, and in the particular setting of the interdisciplinary Fellowship Program at the Italian Academy (for more information:

Thanks in advance!

Marina Rossi and the Italian Academy, Columbia University

Your referee didn't get the upload link via e-mail?
S/he could (1) check spam/junk folders, (2) list “” as an Approved/Safe Sender, or (3) send the letter directly to the Academy, from your institutional account, if problems persist (