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To Rent this Venue

The Italian Academy building ("Casa Italiana") is a neo-Renaissance palazzo built by McKim Mead & White in 1927 and renovated by renowned architects Italo Rota and Samuel G. White, great-grandson of Stanford White.

Rental fees vary depending on the event's relevance to the mission of the Italian Academy.
Please contact the Academy's Theater Manager with a brief description of your event:

Rick Whitaker, (212) 854-1623,

Second Floor
Capacity: 200 people
Dimensions: 51' x 37'

Third Floor
Capacity: 100 people
Dimensions: 60' x 30'

Ground Floor
Capacity: 40 people
Dimensions: 34' x 20'

Ground Floor
Capacity: 65 people
Dimensions: 29' x 24'

Fifth Floor
With hi-def video conferencing
Capacity: 65 people
Dimensions: 36' x 17'