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Valeria Marcenò

Università di Torino (Italy)

Hate speech and hate crimes


Valeria Marcenò (Turin, 1972) is Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the Law Department of the University of Turin and currently Vice Dean of the Law Department. Since 2015 she is also Vice Dean of the Bio-ethic Committee of the University of Turin. She has been recognized by the national jury assessing candidates for full professorship.
From 2015 to 2017 she worked as assistant at the Italian Constitutional Court with Prof. Marta Cartabia, currently the President of the Italian Constitutional Court.

Her research has been focused on the fields of interpretation and the role of judges, on the Italian Constitutional Court and on the system of sources of law.

At the Italian Academy she plans to explore if the criminal law could be considered the only instrument for confronting the acts that fall under hate speech.

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