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Sebastiano Maffettone

Luiss Guido Carli

Cultural identity and human rights


Sebastiano Maffettone is Full Professor in Political Philosophy at Luiss University, Rome; Director of the Centro di Studi e Ricerche sui Diritti Umani (CERSDU), Rome; President of "Humanity," a group that works on human rights and public policy; (first) President of the SIFP (Società italiana di filosofia politica); Director of the journal "Filosofia e questioni pubbliche"; and Member of the Ethical Committee of Capitalia. Outside of Italy, he has been a Visiting Professor at the School of Law, New York University; at Tufts University (Boston); at the Maison Sciences de l'Homme, Paris; at Boston College (Boston); and at Harvard University. He has also been a Senior Fellow in the Program in Ethics and Professions, Harvard University.
His areas of interest are political philosophy (in particular: theories of justice, international political philosophy, liberalism, human rights), ethics (normative ethics and applied ethics), bioethics, business ethics, philosophy of international relations, environmental ethics, metaphysics and epistemology, history of philosophy (in particular: Greek philosophy, Kant, Hegel), and analytic and continental philosophy.
Professor Maffettone is the author of almost 300 hundred scientific papers and 12 books in the area of moral, political and social philosophy. Among the volumes are Valori comuni (il Saggiatore), Ermeneutica e scelta collettiva (Guida), Le ragioni degli altri (il Saggiatore), I fondamenti del liberalismo (Laterza, with Ronald Dworkin), Il valore della vita (Mondadori), Etica pubblica (il Saggiatore), and La pensabilità del mondo (il Saggiatore 2006).