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Paolo Carta

Università di Trento (Italy)

Islands, insularity, and islandness


Paolo Carta is Professor of Political Theory and History of Political Thought at the University of Trento (School of Law, School of International Studies and School of Innovation). He taught and lectured at the École Normale Supérieure, Columbia University, University of Oxford, Paris Sorbonne, and many other universities and academies. Member of scientific and editorial committees of several Italian and international journals, he served as co-editor-in-chief for the Journal Laboratoire Italien (ENS éditions) until 2017. He is among the founders of Ronzani Editore in Vicenza, a publishing house mainly devoted to exploring the history of typography and type design theory. His research field covers political theory, diplomacy, and the history of legal and political thought from the early modern age to the present.

His books include Nunziature ed eresia nel Cinquecento (1999), Il poeta e la polis (2003), Machiavelli nel XIX e XX secolo (2007), Ordine giuridico e ordine politico (2007); Francesco Guicciardini tra diritto e politica (2008), Sardinia. Un'isola nell'immaginario anglo-americano (2016), Lottare per il diritto. Ritratti di giuristi umanisti del '900 (2020) and Leadership. The Book Project (forthcoming, 2020).

At the Italian Academy, he will work on a long-term project on Islands, investigating the role of insularity, islandness, and remoteness in shaping the history of legal and political thought.

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