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Mathieu Harsch

Università di Padova (Italy)

Color names for clothing dyes: between nature and culture


Mathieu Harsch is a historian interested in the technological and economic history of Italy and the Mediterranean world in the late Middle Ages. He received his Pd.D. from the consortium of the Universities of Padua, Venice and Verona in joint supervision with the University of Paris (2020) defending a dissertation on dyeing and natural dyes in late medieval Florence and Tuscany.
He studied at the University of Lorraine (B.A. 2013) and pursued a Franco-Italian dual degree from the University Paris Diderot and the University of Bologna (M.A. 2015). During his doctoral studies, he received a Vinci Program Scholarship from the Italo-French University/French-Italian University (UIF/UFI) and completed a research internship at the University of Valencia which enabled him to receive the “Doctor Europaeus” (DE) certificate. From 2013 to 2016, he was involved in the ENPRESA Project (Entrepreneurship, Trade and Production in early modern Europe. The case of the Salviati companies). He published a text edition and several articles on the history of work and workers in the Florentine wool industry. He organized the conference A Question of Time: Economics Rhythms and Cycles in Late Medieval Europe (May 23-25, 2018, University of Padua). Recently he became a Lecturer at the University Gustave Eiffel (Paris), where he teaches the course of Medieval Urban History.