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Lorenza Miretti

Università di Bologna

Futurism reinterpreted: Classical Literary Myths and the case of Michele Leskovic (Spring 2012)


Lorenza Miretti studied at the University of Bologna and obtained a B.A. in Italian Literature (with an interdisciplinary thesis on the portrait, under Professor Ezio Raimondi in the Faculty of the Humanities, in 1995) and a Ph.D in Italian Studies (working on Michele Leskovic, alias Escodamè, under Professor Paola Daniela Giovanelli at the School of Doctoral Italian Studies, in 2010). She also obtained a Certificate of Specialization in Archival Science, Palaeography and Diplomatics at the Bologna State Archives School (in 1999).

She was a Visiting Assistant in Research at Yale University's Italian Language & Literature Department in 2008.

Selected grants: International Course of High Culture-Giorgio Cini Institution, Venice (1994, 1995); Italian Department of the University of Bologna-Cassa di Risparmio Institution in Bologna (2005, renewed); Scuola Superiore di Studi Umanistici (2006); "XIV Marco Polo Program-2008" - University of Bologna.

Selected publications: Mafarka the Futurist. Epos and Vanguard (2005); "Valerio Magrelli," "Silvio Ramat," "Maria Luisa Spaziani," in Encyclopedia of Italian Studies, edited by Gaetana Marrone (2007); "Marcello Marchesi," in Italian Enciclopedia Treccani (2008); "Time and Space didn't Die Yesterday," in Time on the Stage. Actors, Dramaturgies, Events from Eighteenth Century to the Production Age, edited by Paola Daniela Giovanelli (2007, 2008); Francesca Florimbii, Lorenza Miretti (eds.), Lina to Giosue. Fragments of a Correspondence, introduced by Emilio Pasquini (2010).

She is interested in literature, art and culture from the XVIII to the XX century, particularly Futurism, and in the theories of the novel, narrative structure, literary genres and interdisciplinary theories.