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Jan Eike Dunkhase

Independent Scholar (Germany)

The birth of a Renaissance scholar: Paul Oskar Kristeller’s letters from Italy (1934–39)


Jan Eike Dunkhase is an intellectual historian based in Berlin with a focus on the history of historiography in the 20th century. After receiving his MA in History, Philosophy and Jewish Studies from Heidelberg University and his PhD from Freie Universität Berlin, he worked as a Research Associate at the Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture at Leipzig University and at the German Literature Archive Marbach. In 2019 he was a Research Fellow at Bard Graduate Center (NYC).

He is the author of Werner Conze: Ein deutscher Historiker im 20. Jahrhundert (2010), Spinoza der Hebräer: Zu einer israelischen Erinnerungsfigur (2013), and Absurde Geschichte: Reinhart Kosellecks historischer Existentialismus (2015). His most recent book, a critical edition of Reinhart Koselleck’s correspondence with Carl Schmitt, was published by Suhrkamp in 2019.