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Francesco Cioffi

Università di Roma
Co-sponsored by the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia

Climate changes from decade to century: flood/drought dynamics


Francesco Cioffi (Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering) is Associate Professor in Hydraulics in the 'Dipartimento di Idraulica Trasporti e Strade' of the University of Rome 'La Sapienza.' Dr. Francesco Cioffi's areas of expertise are experimental hydraulics (laboratory and field velocity and turbulence measurements), hydraulic and water quality mathematical models, solid transport models, and environmental hydraulics. He has collaborated on a significant number of projects funded by Italian public institutions. These projects have concerned a number of applied research topics: control and management of erosion phenomena in coastal zones, inshore and offshore aquaculture plants, recovery and management of the water quality of lagoons, rivers and lakes, control of tidal phenomena in the Venice lagoon, and the management of solid transport in river and reservoirs. Recently Prof. Cioffi has been involved in an international research project aimed at developing projections of mid-latitude rainfall patterns related to anthropogenic climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions.