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Antony Molho

European University Institute

Byzantine and Italian travel books in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries


Anthony (Tony) Molho is Professor of History and Civilization at the European University Institute, having before taught (from 1966 to 2000) at Brown University, from which he retired as the David Herlihy University Professor Emeritus. His scholarly interests encompass the history of Italy from the fourteenth to seventeenth centuries, with special emphasis on the history of Florence in the Renaissance; the Mediterranean world in the age of the great empires (from the fifteenth century to the rise of the national states in the early nineteenth century), with a focus on the transcultural commercial networks, especially in the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. In recent years he has been drawn to the study of the histories of those European scholars, mostly Jews, who were forced to leave their homes in the 1930s, to settle in the United States. Tony Molho's CV is available here; a list of his publications can be found here. In 2010, he was awarded the Galileo Galilei Prize.