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Why Does Art Matter? What Use is Art History?

Art Inspirational Meeting 2020 (The Novo Nordisk Foundation)

David Freedberg will give the Annual Novo Nordisk Foundation Lecture on Art and Art History at 10:00AM on Nov. 23 (4:00PM Copenhagen time).

Surprising as it may seem, notes Professor Freedberg, the apparent rise of fake news has made the history of art more relevant than ever before. We may not know how to define art now, but the project of grappling with its definition and searching for relevant cases teaches us lessons in judgement, both in art and in life. This lecture takes examples from both contemporary art and the history of art, and uses the tools of history, psychology and neuroscience to analyze them. It will argue for the inclusivity of what is often supposed to be exclusive. In the end it will show how the fundamental tensions between instinct and contemplation enhance the prospect of an ecumenical view of the history of art that goes beyond current orthodoxies and often subverts them.

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Event Date 
Mon, Nov 23, 2020, 10:00 am to 11:30 am

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