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Humanities & Neuroscience

Vision, Attention, and Emotion

Experts doing fresh and exciting work in the fields of neurophysiology and neuropsychology addressed the cerebral mechanisms of visual perception and visual attention and how they are linked to emotional systems.

This approach is crucial to understanding the neuronal substrate of the emotions we experience when viewing a work of art.

The sessions provided a lively day of provocative discussion on the basis of the latest research in these areas.

Speakers included:

  • Marlene Behrmann (Carnegie Mellon)
  • James Bisley (UCLA)
  • Anna Ipata (Columbia researcher and 2007-8 Fellow at the Academy)
  • Earl Miller (MIT)
  • Kevin Ochsner (Columbia)
  • Elizabeth Phelps (NYU)
  • John Reynolds (Salk Institute)
  • Daniel Salzman (Columbia)
  • Jeremy Wolfe (Harvard)
  • and Steven Yantis (Johns Hopkins) as well as Academy Director David Freedberg.

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Event Date 
Tue, Mar 25, 2008, 5:00 pm
Press -- NYTimes
Press Release

"Beyond its entertainment value, symposium participants made clear, change blindness is a salient piece in the larger puzzle of visual attentiveness"
From New York Times coverage of March 25, 2008, Art and Neuroscience symposium on Vision, Attention, and Emotion
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