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Publication Round-Up

New Work from Academy Fellows, Staff, and Friends

From Marina Calloni: “Razza e Istruzione. Le leggi antiebraiche del 1938”
An exhibition and online collection of resources about the 1938 Racial Laws of Fascist Italy.
Published online

From Marta Benenti: "Expressiveness – Perception and Emotions in the Experience of Expressive Objects"
Published by De Gruyter

From Rich Benjamin: “The killing of George Floyd and the inequities of our pandemic response are rooted in the same toxic brew of negligence”
In Esquire Magazine— “When Will I Be Able to Retire This Essay?”

From David Freedberg: “Visions of the Self: Rembrandt and Now”
Published by Gagosian / Rizzoli, based on the exhibition presented by Gagosian in partnership with English Heritage.

From Barbara Faedda: On the cultural exchange between Italy & America in the 18th, 19th, & 20th centuries
“Élite. Cultura italiana e statunitense tra Settecento e Novecento”

“Outstanding book” by Academy Fellow José Antonio González Zarandona: an “impassioned call for new strategies to conserve culturally significant places.”

Foragers and farmers in the Danube Gorges, Serbia: journal article by Borić Dušan, the Academy's NOMIS Foundation Fellow.

Fragile cultural heritage and the sustainable technology that can protect it during earthquakes: journal article by Gianmarco de Felice, a Weinberg Fellow at the Academy.

Discrete and Continuous Approaches for the Failure Analysis of Masonry Structures Subjected to Settlements: journal article by Gianmarco de Felice, a Weinberg Fellow at the Academy.

Prophylactic (R,S)-ketamine selectively protects against inflammatory stressors: a journal article, by Alessia Mastrodonato, a Bodini Fellow at the Academy.

Women, Minorities, Populism, a book chapter written by Marina Calloni, a Bodini Fellow at the Academy.

William Kentridge: Why Should I Hesitate, a book by Italian Academy Director David Freedberg.