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Publication Round-Up

New Work from Academy Fellows, Staff, and Friends

From Magnus Tessing Schneider: Don Giovanni’s Reasons: Thoughts on a masterpiece, Peter Lang Publishing’s-reasons-thoughts-masterpiece

From Daniele F. Maras: “La costa tarquiniese: un paesaggio in divenire tra la Preistoria e l’età contemporanea"
from SPOLIA. Annual Journal of Medieval Studies, Essays 2021, anno XVII, n. 7 n.s.

From Daniele F. Maras: "External influences: “Hellenization”, “Romanization”, “Mediterraneization” (6th - 3rd cent. BCE)"
from No 20 (2020): Proceedings of the International Conference “Palaeoeuropean Languages and Epigraphic Cultures. Challenges and Research Approaches”

From Paolo Pellegrini: Dante Alighieri-una vita
Published by Giulio Einaudi editore

From Marina Calloni: "Donne sull’orlo di un lockdown"
An article in the book of the year by Treccani

Barbara Faedda interviewed for an article about Lorenzo Da Ponte in Columbia Magazine
"How Mozart’s Librettist Became the Father of Italian Studies at Columbia"

From Barbara Faedda and Francesco Zimei:
"Un Ponte di Musica. Itinerari dell'Opera italiana in America"
Published by Zecchini Editore

From Francesca Bartolini and Maria Elena Pero
"Pathogenic role of delta 2 tubulin in bortezomib-induced peripheral neuropathy"

From Daniele F. Maras: “Dal Tumulo Chigi alla Veio dei re”

From Marina Calloni: “Razza e Istruzione. Le leggi antiebraiche del 1938”
An exhibition and online collection of resources about the 1938 Racial Laws of Fascist Italy.
Published online

From Marta Benenti “Expressiveness – Perception and Emotions in the Experience of Expressive Objects”
Published by De Gruyter

From Rich Benjamin: “The killing of George Floyd and the inequities of our pandemic response are rooted in the same toxic brew of negligence”
In Esquire Magazine— “When Will I Be Able to Retire This Essay?”

From David Freedberg: “Visions of the Self: Rembrandt and Now”
Published by Gagosian / Rizzoli, based on the exhibition presented by Gagosian in partnership with English Heritage.

From Barbara Faedda: On the cultural exchange between Italy & America in the 18th, 19th, & 20th centuries
“Élite. Cultura italiana e statunitense tra Settecento e Novecento”

“Outstanding book” by Academy Fellow José Antonio González Zarandona: an “impassioned call for new strategies to conserve culturally significant places.”

Foragers and farmers in the Danube Gorges, Serbia: journal article by Borić Dušan, the Academy's NOMIS Foundation Fellow.

Fragile cultural heritage and the sustainable technology that can protect it during earthquakes: journal article by Gianmarco de Felice, a Weinberg Fellow at the Academy.

Discrete and Continuous Approaches for the Failure Analysis of Masonry Structures Subjected to Settlements: journal article by Gianmarco de Felice, a Weinberg Fellow at the Academy.

Prophylactic (R,S)-ketamine selectively protects against inflammatory stressors: a journal article, by Alessia Mastrodonato, a Bodini Fellow at the Academy.

Women, Minorities, Populism, a book chapter written by Marina Calloni, a Bodini Fellow at the Academy.

William Kentridge: Why Should I Hesitate, a book by Italian Academy Director David Freedberg.