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Dacia Maraini: Writing Like Breathing

On her most recent writing

Dacia Maraini

Elizabeth Leake
Professor, Dept. of Italian, Columbia University

Welcoming remarks:
Jo Ann Cavallo
Chair, Dept. of Italian, Columbia University

Dacia Maraini is one of Italy’s most prominent contemporary authors. She has won, among other prizes, the Campiello (1990) and Strega (1999), which are the most prestigious Italian literature awards. Her books have been translated into twenty-two languages, and some of her bestsellers, such as Storia di Piera [Piera’s Story], L’età del malessere [The Age of Malaise], La lunga vita di Marianna Ucrìa [The Silent Duchess], Voci [Voices], and Memorie di una ladra [Memories of a Thief], were turned into successful movies. Among her most recent novels are La bambina e il sognatore (2015) and Tre donne (2017). In English, the editorial series "SOPHIA," edited by Michelangelo La Luna has recently published: Mafia and Other Plays (2017); US 1964-2017: An Italian Reportage (2018); Interviews and Conversation with Dacia Maraini (2018); and Festschrift (2018).

The event is hosted by the Department of Italian, with the co-sponsorship of the Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

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Thu, Mar 1, 2018, 4:00 pm

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