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Humanities & Neuroscience

Columbia Forum on Art and the New Biology of Mind

Talks on recent advances in the neurosciences from the best-known scientists in the world including:

  • Marina Abramovic
  • Robert Irwin
  • Richard Meier
  • Lynn Davis
  • Laurie Anderson
  • Terry Winters
  • Joan Snyder
  • Philip Taaffe
  • George Condo
  • David Salle

The conference is led by the Academy's Director David Freedberg, along with Arthur C. Danto and Nobel Laureate Eric R. Kandel, and made possible by assistance from the Louise T. Blouin Foundation and the Columbia University Center for Neurobiology and Behavior.

Many discoveries in the new science of the brain are of extraordinary relevance to the visual arts and our responses to them. The Columbia Forum will bring together a group of distinguished neuroscientists, artists, art historians and philosophers in order to assess the potential of the latest findings. It will seek to establish the basis for a new dialogue in light of the significance of the new biology of mind for the understanding of art.

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