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Fellows: 2010-2011

The Medici Archive Project

A Society on the March: The Terzo Vecchio of the Italian Infantry (1597-1715)

Università di Genova

Mathematical monsters: the essential tension between normal and pathological in modern mathematics

Università di Pisa

Genomics of suicidal behavior

Alexander Bodini Research Fellow in Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry
Università di Trento

The legal training of Francesco Guicciardini and his political lexicon

Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris

Pictorial representations of shadows: visual cognition and art history

University of Vermont

The Jews of Italy and Spanish imperial power

Alexander Bodini Research Fellow in Culture and Religion
Università di Palermo

On the trail of Frederick II: European nationalism and the rediscovery of medieval architecture in Southern Italy

Università di Roma

Climate changes from decade to century: flood/drought dynamics

Co-sponsored by the Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia
Università di Bologna

Byzantium, Italy and the Western Mediterranean in the seventh century: social transformations and cultural identities

Università Ca' Foscari, Venice

The Venetian scala di Spalato as seen from Ottoman documents

Institut Jean Nicod (ENS-CNRS-EHESS), Paris

Vision to reason: visual routines for manipulating diagrams

European University Institute, Florence

In others' words: foreigners, languages and interpreters in Venice, Livorno and Marseilles, c. 1700–c. 1800

Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Art history, natural history, and the science of antiquity: J. J. Winckelmann's recovery of ancient culture in Italy

Collegio Carlo Alberto, Turin

Does fertility influence migration and the re-allocation of labor?

Alexander Bodini Research Fellow in Global Development and Finance
European University Institute, Florence

Byzantine and Italian travel books in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries

Università di Perugia

Italian sculptors and the French court under Charles VIII and Louis XII

Columbia University

Neural bases of musical experience

Università di Bergamo

The political contribution of Giuseppe Antonio Borgese and Gaetano Salvemini to Hermann Broch's democratic project

Università per Stranieri di Siena

The educational network in Italy from the late sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries: church, state, and society

University of Haifa

Ius commune, exploitation, and emancipation

Alexander Bodini Research Fellow in Culture and Religion
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

A king's treasures: Charles of Bourbon and the display of Herculaneum's antiquities, 1738–1746