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Fellows: 2008-2009

“Conservation and preservation of heritage and the contemporary destruction of art and architecture” is the theme for the year; the majority of the research projects focus on topics in this area.

Università di Torino

The emergence of modernity in 17th century Italian literature

Università Federico II di Napoli

Aging and disease: coping with oxidation-driven cellular processes

European University Institute

The transmission of Italian financial culture in France in the 15th and 16th centuries

Università di Pisa

Social anti-Semitism in the Counter-Enlightenment

Culture and Religion
Columbia University

The female narcissus: Renaissance women's writing technologies

Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa

Italian sculpture in the Netherlands: 1530-1556

Co-sponsored by the Kress Foundation
Università di Torino

Perpetuation of memory storage: a novel mechanism in the long-term maintenance of synaptic plasticity and behavior

Co-sponsored by the Physiology & Cellular Biophysics Department, Columbia University
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Gunpowder and the book: the art of war in Europe from the 4th through the 16th centuries

Università di Pisa

Johannes Kepler and the history of the calculus

Università di Genova

Alexander Pekelis: life, work and ideas

Leiden University

Demons in ancient Egypt during the Late and Greco-Roman Periods

Università di Siena

Transcranial magnetic stimulation for severe Tourette's Syndrome

Developmental and Adolescent Psychiatry
Università Federico II di Napoli

The regulation and performance of financial markets

Co-sponsored by the Business School, Columbia University
NEST INFM CNR National Research Council

The physics and applications of graphene-based nanodevices

Co-sponsored by the Center for Integrated Science & Engineering, Columbia University
Università Tor Vergata di Roma

Communism and anti-communism in Italy: 1970s-1980s

University of Miami

Nationalists against the nation: 19th century projects for a multinational Europe

Università di Milano-Bicocca

Cultural and cognitive aspects of tacit knowledge in technology transfer between academic and industrial laboratories

Visiting Senior Fellow
Columbia University

Early modern diplomatic networks in the transmission of culture